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From framing, cabinets and all sorts of woodwork, the carpenters at Mississauga Handyman can handle it. 

The carpenters on our team are all trustworthy and pledge to follow the Mississauga Handyman Quality Code. At Mississauga Handyman, quality is more than just crucial, it is a priority. Whether it is cabinets, a deck, custom bookcases or other framework work, you can rest assured that your job will be completed by our carpentry specialists with professionalism and quality craftsmanship. Do not waste any time. Call today to obtain a free estimate for any carpentry task. Call 416-568-3547 today! Trim and molding are one of the very best methods to provide your house a little update. If you do not have crown molding in your house or need to change yours, then finding a carpenter is the very best way to begin. Moldings can open a room and offer it an elegant and unique appearance. Let some of the community carpenters at Mississauga Handyman work for you to include appeal and elegance to your house. If it’s simply some small wood repairs or a small wood job that you require, our Mississauga Handyman carpenters can take care of that too.

Mississauga Carpenter

We provide craftsman quality work at a price every homeowner or contractor can afford. Having been in the business we all know the importance of customer satisfaction in order to secure repeat business and word of mouth advertising. Our goal is to show our customer that there is a dependable, affordable, and precise choice of carpentry and handyman work. The services I provide are:

  • Interior and exterior carpentry specialists
  • Most home repairs.
  • Engineered/Floating flooring installers.
  • Cabinet Building and repairs
  • Baseboard repair and install
  • Pre-hung Door installation, broken door repairs
  • Wood shelving
  • Wood crown Molding
  • Expert stain and re-finisher.
  • We also do decks and fences.
  • There’s just too much to list!!

We also  do professional (over 30 Yrs)

Do not get behind schedule with a carpenter that cannot meet your time and quality requirements. Call today to obtain a complimentary estimate of any carpentry task. Wood means unlimited natural appeal and it takes a recognition for that appeal to make a fine quality wood product. Carpentry is an art and custom cabinets, decks, bed frames, benches, kitchen area tables and more can be developed to fulfill your style and design requirements. Get in touch with the very best carpenters in the location who will do their best to make your carpentry project into what you have actually been imagining.

Call today for a free estimate on any Painting or Carpentry job locally 416-568-3547!


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House painters serving Mississauga and surrounding area.

Mississauga handyman first and foremost is a professional painting company. Years of experience of applying precision painting in homes around Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton and Oakville.

Professional Prep Work Before Painting

The paint job is only as good as the prep work done prior to painting. Obviously, if things are not patched, holes filled properly and sanded or cracks not properly patched with drywall tape, paper tape or mesh tape they will show up in no time even though they were plastered. As a house settles and moves around from heat and called cracks will open unless they are bridged with some type of drywall tape. All walled should be properly sanded and cleaned so the paint will lay smoothly and evenly. Also, all the furnishings have to be protected from sanding dust and paint splatter. This is done carefully placing plastics and drop sheets on the walls and furniture and on the floor.

About our accurate painting

We do our work precisely and accurately and the way it should look. The way a paint job should look in a room is with smooth evenly coated opaque paint on the walls that are smooth, and free of texture and roller marks and brush marks. The brushwork around the trim of the room has to be straight and clean-cut and again without any indication of any brush application such as swirl marks or something like that.


Call Mississauga Handyman Painting Service

Do not hesitate to call our Mississauga painters if you are thinking about selling your home. We also do home staging painting where the real estate agent or home stager will advise on the colours and we can paint it for you to get the place looking as good as possible. Most homes on the average will be painted a light color such as Benjamin Moore’s paint cloud white. This is a very comfortable colour for people to look at essentially it leaves their imagination free to see what the could do with space. Painting any color might not be generally acceptable by some people. Everyone enjoys the colors they like and to paint a definite color might not suit them and they will lose their enthusiasm for purchasing the home. Mississauga handyman can definitely guarantee you you will be happy with the professional painting work that we perform.