Barn door hardware and installation

Thinking about a barn door hardware and installation

barn door hardware of course, I’m not meaning this for a barn but to modernize and give your home a different taste. A lot of people are looking for something to do with our home to give it a little bit different look and this is definitely the ticket to something like that.
Barn door hardware Stainless steel barn door hardware

If you’re considering installing a sliding barn door, with barn door hardware you have to take into account the size of your door entryway in width and height. If you are removing the door only you have to account for going well past both sides of the door casings. It would look rather odd to have an exposed door casing on either side of the sliding door.  You would like to have the whole entryway covered completely from side to side.

We can give you some ideas On how to install barn door hardware properly onto your wall.!AiS17W66VgdKgwv2vo0V46V5Tdd4

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