Choosing the Right Tools for Your House Painting Project

Even if you are only a novice, you can turn a simple looking room into something that was worked on by professional house painters. The most essential part of the project is to have the right tools and equipment that are needed to implement the task of house painting properly.

If you are not familiar with the tools, it will help if you are going to do some research about such before you shop. So many products that come in different forms and are made of various materials come out every year. Take sufficient time in knowing exactly the right kinds of products that will create the best results for the parts of the house that you will be working on.

Here are some pointers that can help you in choosing the right tools that are needed for your house painting project.


1. A paint roller will help you finish the task faster because this can cover big areas with minimal strokes. If the walls are flat and smooth, the paint roller must also be flat and thin. If the walls are thick and rough, choose the kind of roller that is also thick. If you want something that can be stored and can still be used after some time, it is better that you invest on a paint roller with a plastic core.

Paint roller and handle
Paint roller


2. For fast touch-ups, you can use , which are really quite affordable. You can also use foam paint rollers, but these are only intended for smooth surfaces.


Foam paintbrush
Foam paintbrush

3. In choosing paint brushes, you have to consider the kind of paint that you intend to use on your house painting project. For paints that are oil-based, you can use brushes with natural bristles. For latex or water-based paints, use paint brushes with synthetic bristles. Do not attempt to use natural bristles with water-based paints. The bristles would go limp and you won’t achieve an even texture on your paint job.

Latex nylon  bristle paint  brush
Latex paint brush


4. How do you choose the kind of paint that is needed for your house painting task? Generally, many people prefer water-based or latex paint for walls and other big surfaces. It dries out faster and cleaning up is also easier, than when an oil-based paint is used. The good thing about the latter though is that this is preferred for better coverage. This is typically used in fixtures, trim and cabinets. Both types of paints can now be bought in new formulations that are environment-friendly and non-toxic.

By: Vic Nagy Mississauga Ontario, 416-568-3547