cloud white Benjamin Moore paint Is Mississaugahandyman’s personal favorite

Looking for paint that you won’t regret painting try,cloud white Benjamin Moore paint it just about goes with everything.

When you’re looking bright and spacious room you want to be able to get as much light happening in there to give it a bright open feeling. Very light colors will reflect the light much better than obviously darker colors will dark colors absorb light and you lose a lot of light reflection.

Cloud White Benjamin Moore paint is definitely a very popular color with everyone in the interior decorating consulting. It is a very well accepted color choice that you can’t go wrong with. It will contrast or complement very well to almost any other color. It’s like to mix of yellow and black are so subtle you almost can’t even recognize it.

Application and painting of this paint is recommended because it does have certain qualities that make it hide/cover better than other light colored paints. The black component of this paint is the element which gives it excellent covering and hiding of underlying surfaces.

We definitely do not recommend using simply white because we’ve had nothing but trouble with its hiding capabilities. Using topline Benjamin Moore paint doesn’t help the yellow component in the paint doesn’t allow it to cover well and you will end up painting multiple multiple coats to make it look right.

So when in doubt apply cloud white Benjamin Moore paint.

Cloud White goes by the codes CC-40, OC-130 and in the US 967. It is a definite off-white and the go to colour for designers.Maria’s article was about CC-40, or in non-painter terms, cloud white Benjamin Moore  Coating. In her article, she discussed how Cloud White has become such an industry standard paint colour for trim it has become over used, misused and an after thought. I couldn’t agree more..Cloud White goes by the codes CC-40, OC-130 and in the US 967. It is a definite off-white and the go to colour for designers..I deal with paint and colour all day long and I see how using colours together impacts the overall look of a room or house. Benjamin Moore Cloud White is pretty much the colour of every ceiling and most trim in almost every house we walk into. It also goes by the code of OC-130 and originally 967.I don’t hate Cloud White, I just hate how its use is often never questioned. Even good designers, when asked about the trim colour, often just say “go with cloud white”. Here’s the the thing though. Cloud White doesn’t go with everything. And especially not when painting the exteriors of houses.

Source: Please Don’t Make Me Paint Your House Cloud White – Warline Painting

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