Condo Painting Service

Condo painting Service

is one of the first things as a new homeowner thinks about after purchasing a new condo or the resale condo. Everyone have different tastes in  interior decorating with color. Colors affect everyone in different ways. You can do your own interior decorator if you take a moment to analyze what you’re trying to accomplish in your new condo.

Consider your lifestyle and what you might be using the condo for. If you like to keep your condo a more private and personalized living space and you have certain favorite colors and color combinations, you can decorate your entire condo by painting these colors in a room or multiple rooms.Color can be a mood setter, when you enter a room that you are enjoying your favorite color, it makes you feel good. Don’t forget that you are painting this condo for yourself and don’t worry about what others think it’s your living space.

Most common and traditional condo painting stems around socially acceptable colors or non-colors which is most likely the case. Most people paint their condos with some kind of off white such as: white sand, antique white, snow white, clamshell white, bright white and so on. There are definite advantages in painting these light white colors because they reflect more light creating an illusion of larger and more open space.

Accent walls are a good idea to break up the monotony of the pure white room. Accent walls placed in the right place in a room can also make the room look longer or wider depending on the placement of the accent wall painting. Also accent walls can be a good backdrop for an entertainment center reducing visual distraction while watching television or listening to music. Also many times an accent wall is painted behind the headboard in a bedroom.


Nice tidy not too busy looking full picture.
Nice tidy not too busy looking full picture.

Other things to consider about painting your condo is a type of paint that you want to install, do you like shiny paint or do you like flat paint? You have to consider the maintenance level of both types of paint. Flat paint marks easy and is harder to clean while shiny paint is easier to maintain and keep clean. Flat paint hides while imperfections such as bad drywall work, dents in the wall, bad wall sanding and just simply bad drywall work. Whereas shiny paint amplifies any wall irregularities. There are also “velvet”shine levels that has a bit of both worlds in it. Velvet paint is slightly washable and isn’t as shiny.

There are also new products such as flat paints formulated with high acrylic content that are also washable but these come at a premium price, but well worth it if you don’t like eggshell or shinier paints.


If you have any questions about paint colors and types of paints and you are living in Mississauga or Toronto feel free to call Vic at, phone number 416-568-3547