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every year. Many of the condos we paint are at Young Street and Harborfront in Toronto Ontario.
Lot of these condos are repaints and some of them are renovations.
Many of these customers want to have their Stucco Ceiling removal and some want to have them just painted, but generally speaking stucco ceilings are difficult to work with because they are already painted and when they’re already painted they are more difficult to work with because the paint makes the stucco very difficult to remove. Removing Stucco is a job in itself it has to be ground down with it aggressive sanding machine then afterwards it has to be fine sanded and then smoothed out with a couple layers of Wall plaster readymix compound. And then again sanded smooth, primed and then painted.
This is one case where Condo Painting is done with the condo empty with no furniture another one is where a tenant moves in and just wants to change the colors of the condo generally speaking the way this is done is just a repaint all the walls colors that are favored by the new homeowner.
Many times when a new homeowner moves in and wants to have some drywall repairs that the previous tenants had done. Sometimes they put stickies on the wall that have to be removed and that in turn will damage the wall. Sometimes they put shelving on the wall with holes that support the hooks, these will have to be plastered up sanded and primed and painted.

That again some other times the reason that the condo has to be repainted is because it has such a lousy paint job on the walls whether it be the painter had hit the ceiling with a paintbrush or there were all kinds of little speckles in the paint itself.
If your interested in having any painting done here in Toronto, Mississauga and GTA give Vic Nagy a call at 416-568-3547 or look us up at