Drywall Repair Cost Vary on what has to be plastered


drywall repair cost
Drywall repair cost after kitchen cabinets removed

Recently we renovated a condo that had kitchen cabinets over the breakfast area dividing the kitchen from the living room/dining room. The kitchen cabinets didn’t seem to fit the situation and the layout. The entire opening was half filled with the back of the kitchen cabinets.
When kitchen cabinets are installed they have to be attached to some sort of solid wall or ceiling. In this case, the kitchen cabinets were installed on both the ceiling and the 2 end walls.
If the removal of the kitchen cabinets is done carefully without too much damage then your drywall repair cost will be lessened. When removing anything from a wall that has been attached with either screws or plugs wall anchors or butterfly nets it is best to try to disassemble as opposed to tearing it out of the wall. When you have a lot of areas that are damaged because the person is impatient to disassemble, they just simply pull and yank and they damage the drywall this increases the drywall repair cost.
Not only does it take longer to re-plaster the damaged areas but it also takes longer to sand everything down to make it nice and smooth and original looking.
Care must be taken to ensure that the drywall repair is done evenly and smoothly. We usually check our plastering with a bright light shined on an angle to show hills and valleys. You will get darker shadow spots in the valleys indicating that either the valley has to have more plaster flight or the hill has to be sanded smooth.
Usually, it takes 3 coats to do a proper plaster repair. And if one has a good practice in plastering repairs the 3rd coat will not need much sanding.

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