Drywall repair tip for homeowners who want to do their own drywall repairs

Thinking about doing your own drywall repair?

Here is a drywall repair tip: have you ever had a place where there was a sticker on the wall and you remove the sticker and ripped some of the drywall away with it?
The problem here is that when you remove the top layer of the drywall paper off and expose the core brown paper is more permeable the water and will bubble when it gets wet. To prevent the damaged drywall from bubbling you have to first coated with a primer sealer that will not allow water and moisture to penetrate through it. When you apply plaster which is full of water it will seep through the brown paper causing a bobble thus not allowing the drywall repair to firmly attach itself to the gypsum board under the paper.

Spray an ample amount of primer on the exposed area to make sure that is covered well.
Wait an hour to make sure that the primary is dry and then you’re ready to plaster over it.
Put one coat of plaster over the top of this to make sure everything is covered up properly.
Now, let it set and put a final coat of plaster over top and smoothed it out even with the wall.
In 1 to 2 hours that should be sandable.
Now you can prime this with regular drywall primer and you can continue painting the wall.


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