Festool DTS 400 Review Finish Sander

Festool DTS 400 Review Finish Sander

Finish sander
Festools DTS 400 finish sander

Festool DTS 400 sander Review The DTS 400 is the must have first sander in the Festool lineup if you are prepping surfaces for stain or paint.

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The Festool  finish sander is one of the most important sanding tools in our painting arsenal. When we are painting kitchen cupboard doors or we are preparing would steps and railings we always use a Festool sander to do our sanding for us with much less effort and a lot cleaner and no dust. not to mention that it is not as tiring or doing 50 kitchen cabinet doors both sides. Also, it comes in very handy when there is a lot of textured paint mark from bad brushwork on door and window casings. Sometimes painters leave very heavy brush lines from their brushwork on door casings and window casings and to send all of this off by hand would be extremely difficult but using a  finish sander such as the