Handy Manny or Handyman

Many times people type in “handy Manny” instead of handyman accidentally.  Handy Manny is actually a Disney cartoon, children’s television program started in 2006 on the Disney Channel.

Handy Manny I know this sounds a lot like handyman and if you’re looking to get  a a Handyman in Mississauga you have to type in properly handyman  and be careful not to type in handy Manny in Mississauga.

Our services include: interior painting, carpentry work such as installing closet organizers (wire shelving, wood shelving) also we cut crown molding and install  molding. We also installed baseboards, install door frames and install window frames and make and install wood mantles and archways. We also do minor plumbing work such as installing toilets and repairing leaking faucets.

Our Mississauga handyman blog site also comments on  do it yourself home improvements where we will tell you how we do the “do it yourself home improvements”.  Mississauga handyman blogs discuss all these and more and you are welcome to ask questions.