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Home repair Mississauga Attic access
Home repair Mississauga Rebuilding attic access
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Here are some of the things that are house repair Mississauga services do. Just, for example, someone called in because they had a problem with the attic access. There is usually a plywood wall installed to retain all the insulation. You need this plywood wall to retain insulation so when you access the attic insulation won’t fall in because there is a wall preventing it from falling in. In this case, there was some mildew for some reason on the wall which was basically a 20″ x 16″ piece of OSB plywood which was built into the rafter on all 4 sides creating a solid short tunnel to access the attic.

Another place where our home repair Mississauga services do well in is working with kitchen cabinet repairs. In this case, the customer bought a new fridge by the force of the fridge was 2 inches taller than the opening. In this case, we removed the kitchen cabinets above the fridge and disassembled them in and removed  2 and a half inches out of the height of the box. The cabinet box and the doors were now 2 and a half inches shorter in height. the 3 walls and the doors were all shortened exactly the same amount and they were fastened and glued back together.

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