Ikea Kallax Organization Hack; DIY And Decor Organizational Challenge

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The ikea kallax

Cleaning up my front closet and entry using the IKEA KALLAX shelf unit hacked! This Ikea hack is so easy, it can be easily done in an afternoon! By hackin

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ikea kallax
IKEA kallax great for starters on building some nice storage

Here’s a great idea of creating some extra storage space in your hallway.They have taken a basic store-bought cabinet IKEA shelving and modified it to suit their storage needs. The height of the cabin was not high enough so they decided they would put it on legs and put an apron around it may from the baseboard that they’re using around the house. If you look at the picture it has a good foundation for ideas. You can put baskets in here or you can actually put shelves in here the shelves can be pulled out shelves on metal sliders or just the or just simply free-standing baskets which you pull out and place elsewhere and then put it back.
This is a very simple concept like a pigeon hole shelving but larger obviously to accommodate larger items. you can have one role or column divided into various categories of clothing or knickknacks. You can store everything from stuff that was in your front cloths closet such as hanging gloves, hats and scarves etc. Possibly another shelf will contain such things as may be dog leashes and dog walking paraphernalia. Another shelf could be used for items you might need for the car.
This is a very Organizable storage and versatile unit.




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