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Mississauga handyman is one of the preferred painting companies here in Mississauga we also do extend our borders as far as Toronto West. Last week a resident of Eglinton Ave. W. in Toronto were searching for painting contractor that could paint his rental property.

Preparing To Rent

When you’re having your place refinished with paint and you are renting it out there are a couple of considerations you must think about.
· The type of home you are putting on the market
· Expected rental fee
· Who or what type of individual are you looking to rent too?

Choosing Colors For a Rental Home

Painting companies priming dark basement wall
Paint company priming dark walls

 One of Our Painting Companies,

In the case of this small bungalow that got painted the owner decided to go out with a nearly white color. The reason that he decided to refinish all the rooms with this light color was because it was a very tiny house with small rooms and to enhance and give it the illusion of larger space. When everything has been finished in white color it reflects light more giving the room the feeling of more spacee White color means the entire range of colors in white. This could be any color that says anything like white satin, white cotton, cloud white and so on.
Also when applying white paint it is more forgiving of any damages and irregularities in the drywall basically hiding bad drywall to a certain point of course.

Drywall Repairs For Holes and Cracks

You still need to fill in any holes or repair any cracks because they will still show through the white. In the case of this home it had been repaired so many times that there were many places where the repair had not been sanded and plastered smoothly and evenly. And this was another reason why the owner decided to paint a light white color.

Types of Paint You Can Use in a Rental Property

Most people tend to go with something washable such as eggshell latex paint. Some actual paints are actually very shiny and again can reflect any irregular or damaged drywall. If you are trying to camouflage bad drywalling again it’s better to use a low luster eggshell paint  such as Benjamin Moore

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Mississauga painters,Condo baseboard painting
Mississauga Painters
Recently Mississauga painters were doing a job helping out a customer painting their new home. The homeowner had employed two different painting companies to speed up the house painting process. One thing that one learns in the painting business is you cannot cheat the customer …