Painters and Carpenters

Expert House Painter in Mississauga

Our mississauga handyman services include a variety of things, we are a Mississauga house painter and condo painter handling a variety of different  types of painting projects, our biggest selling service is condo painting where we can come in and paint your condo in one day (depending on the size of the condo of course and the details of the project).

Mississauga house painters putting caulk on baseboard
Man putting caulk on baseboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mississauga house painters also offers carpentry work, baseboards, doors and door frames, wood shelving . Our outside carpenter work consists of deck building and repairs, broken board replacement, fence and gate repairs.

We also do drywall repair if you have a hole from a doorknob we will fix that or if you have a ceiling water damaged we can remove and replace the ceiling drywall and then replaster and re-spray with stucco.

Mississauga Handyman
Address: 3778 Corliss Crescent
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Phone: (416) 568-3547