Mistakes People Make When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

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painting kitchen cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets
Painting kitchen cabinets for a professional looking job

Are you ready to tackle the job of painting kitchen cupboards? Learning from others mistakes will help you have a successful paint job.

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Painting kitchen cupboards require certain procedures to ensure that end up with good professional looking finish. First of all, unless you are Michelangelo is difficult to do a nice crisp, clean paint job around kitchen cabinet door hinges.

There are quite a few steps before painting up kitchen cabinets. Once you remove the doors, you have to clean all your cabinets and doors with a detergent to remove greases. Then you have to let it dry.

This means when you are painting kitchen cabinets, you should remove all the doors and hardware.

Next step you have to deglaze all the surfaces for the paint to adhere to properly.
Sand all the surfaces likely to deglaze (remove the shine for the paint to stick)

Since you have all the doors and hardware disassembled the easiest way and the best way is to paint all the cabinet doors in a flat position, this is the way professionals do it. When a door is laying flat gives the paint a chance to flow out smoothly and evenly creating a nice texture free surface. And this is what you’re looking for. Just make sure that while in the drying stage that there is no dust being blown onto the kitchen cabinet doors. After the paint has dried, you might have to give it a very light sanding and give it another quick coat of paint thinner this time, so it sets quicker.






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