Painting tips

Every once in a while it’s nice to be able to find the tips on house painting. It is good to know before you paint for example how much paint you might need for particular painting project. Also lots of times you wonder whether you should prime before you paint. You might also want to know what kind of paint to buy, latex or oil but mind you that oil paint is being phased out and eventually we will not be able to purchase any more oil paint.

Learning techniques and methods of painting is essential for the quality of the paint job and of course the speed at which it can be finished. A good qualified professional house painter should be able to paint an average bedroom walls only in a couple of hours with two coats of paint. This involves one coat cutting in all the edges around the window, ceiling, door and baseboard. By the time you are finished cutting in the baseboard the wall to ceiling brushwork has dried and will be able to be repainted a second time. The second time will be quicker because the second coat of paint will cover much easier and not as much work will be required.

Once all the cutting (brushwork all the way around the room) is done you are ready to start rolling the paint on the walls. The rolling should take less time than the paintbrush work so you will probably have to wait half an hour or so before starting to roll the paint on for the second time.

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