Paper Bag Flooring – All You Need to Know

If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves for an epic week-long DIY, a paper bag floor offers stunning, unexpected looks for next to nothing.


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ever thought about a very cheap flooring instead of expensive traditional types of flooring. This is an idea that you could save a lot of money and effort with. This flooring is a cross between regular painting a floor and wallpaper hanging. Almost like wallpapering your floor. This can also endure quite a bit depending on the type of urethane you are applying to the floor.
also this can be done with a clear epoxy coating which is even more durable than urethane or Varathane. Mississauga painter has done many floors with epoxy coatings and it does stand up quite a bit of traffic.
The main most important ingredient here is that the floor was totally clean/dust and dirt free and you apply a ample amount of floor paint (in this case clear Varathane) ensuring that the underside of the brown paper was permanently stuck to the floor. And then a very ample amount of very thin again on top ensuring that the whole paper especially the edges have been well soaked in paint. After this coat of clear urethane has dried and possibly an hour to an hour and a half if it is quick drying material then you can apply a second third and a fourth coat. Or as many as you wish to give it depth.