Stucco Plaster Details-What’s the difference between stucco and plaster?

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Stucco Plaster Details

stucco plaster details
Stucco Spray Popcorn On Ceiling ( stucco ceiling repair Mississauga

Stucco and plaster have become interchangeable, many times to home owners’ detriment. Don’t confuse the two creating misaligned expectation of performance.


Stucco Plaster Details
When Mississauga handyman ceiling repair services get called for ceiling repairs sometimes the customer gets confused as to what Stucco Plaster information is exactly, to say about describing their stucco (popcorn) ceiling. Possibly they have never heard the word “stucco” they just think it’s plaster with some kind of design, In fact, they are to totally different types of material.

Talking about the actual physical and visual differences between stucco plaster details is that plaster is usually a smooth material which repairs drywall cracks with and holes in your drywall. While stucco is a course looking substance which is sprayed onto your ceiling with an air compressor and a hopper. The popcorn spray gun shoots the popcorn on the ceiling leaving a rough texture. The rough texture can be controlled by the amount of water that is mixed in with the popcorn and the amount of pressure that is being blown up with and the size of the orifice that controls the volume of the stucco that is being sprayed.

Then there are other ways of doing a popcorn ceiling which is called French plaster. We usually spray the stucco on in a normal fashion and then we break down the peaks of the stucco by smoothing over lightly the entire ceiling surface giving it a more modern look.
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